Haiwang Global Logistics Private Limited. This is your complete one-stop-shop for international shipping. With our new warehouse services, your import and export goods are in good hands. We store your items for as long as you need them, handle Amazon FBA preparations and also offer pick and pack service.


We offer you customs bonded warehouse to warehouse import and export goods. Basically, goods are allowed to be taken to the warehouse after landing and are charged at the time of clearance from the warehouse. We are a competitive international freight forwarder in Delhi. With extensive knowledge of warehouse process, we provide best warehousing charges for stock keeping. We ensure that the goods reach the customer in the same condition in which they arrive at the warehouse.


importance of warehouses

The godown can only be seen as a storage place, but we have Haiwang Global Logistics Private Limited understands the financial and service payments hidden below. Warehousing is an important part of the entire supply chain that integrates operations, and similar functions can be performed under one roof, such as:


Economic benefits: Warehouses are indispensable, especially when the demand for the product in question is high. Instead of supplying from different nodes, warehouses provide the advantage of accumulation and consolidation. Storing inventory in one place makes it easier to maintain stock and merge shipments together. With this approach, we help consumers save a lot from an economy point of view.

Assembly Point: Final products consisting of several parts from different facilities must be assembled before they reach the customer. Warehouses serve as the focal point for product assembly. With modern warehouse facilities, we allow packing and grading of goods as per the requirement of the client.

Reverse Logistics: The warehouse acts as a single point of return on the shipment. Haiwang Global Logistics Private Limited. This will enable us to more efficiently manage the return of imported or exported goods and help in maintaining proper inventory with a seamless supply chain.

Storage: Warehouses reduce the time between production and use of goods by enabling buffer stock storage of products. This is especially true for seasonal products, even if they are produced only in certain months; Maintaining a steady supply throughout the year is essential.

Value Added: Adds significant value to the entire logistics process by reducing warehouse cycle times. Keeping goods in a warehouse facilitates proper management of inventory and allows businesses to make better payments and other decisions.