Custom Clearance

Customs clearance is an essential step at the time of export/import for timely delivery. The functions of customs clearance include preparation and submission of necessary documents to facilitate export or import into the country, representing the customer during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and delivery of goods from customs after clearance and or freight documents. Forwarder We at Haiwang Global Logistics Private Limited India specialize in handling all types of cargo for fast and smooth clearance.

Our Custom Clearing Agents have extensive knowledge of the provisions of Customs Act and Rules prescribed by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs in India.

The documents involved in customs clearance are:

Export Documents: Purchase order from buyer, sales invoice, packing list, shipping bill, bill of lading or airway bill, certificate of origin and any other specific document specified by buyer or financial institution or LC as per terms or requirements. As per the rules of the importing country.

Import Documentation: Purchase order from buyer, supplier sales invoice, bill of entry, bill of lading or bill of air, packing list, certificate of origin and any specific document required by buyer, or financial institution or regulation of importing country. ,

We, as your Custom Clearing Agent, deliver your goods on time to your destination with utmost security. Our top priority is to provide our services at the lowest possible speed according to customer needs and requirements with safe and reliable solutions.

Ensure the safety and security of all your shipments

Hassle free custom clearance of goods

Safe Arrival of Shipment at the Exact Destination

There is no risk or concern in talking to customs officials